Concussions and Our Kids

From America’s preeminent expert on the head trauma crisis in sports, a timely, provocative, essential guide to concussions in youth sports–what they are, how to treat them, and how to protect our young athletes.

Long a silent epidemic, concussions are fast becoming what sportswriter Bill Simmons calls “the single most important issue in sports today.” At the center of this crisis is Dr. Robert Cantu. Cantu has treated thousands of brain trauma patients, from high-profile professional athletes to peewees. And he is on the front lines of groundbreaking research that is changing the way sports are played. Concussions and Our Kids is the first prescriptive book of its kind to address this issue and provide preventive solutions. Topics include:

Part manifesto, part prescription, Concussions and Our Kids is essential reading for parents, coaches, and anyone interested in young athletes and their well-being.


“An invaluable resource for parents and coaches. As a parent of a high school football player, I’ve seen my share of bad decisions that could have potentially catastrophic results. Dr. Cantu’s book is an excellent source of information that will help parents and coaches separate fact from myth in dealing with concussions.”
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“[A] coherent, comprehensive look at what we currently know about concussions in kids and adults… [Cantu] is one of the most notable voices on concussions out there, and that’s why it’s well worth reading what he has to say.”
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