“I first met Dr Cantu after sustaining my first concussion while playing professional lacrosse for the Boston Cannons. Throughout my lacrosse career, Dr Cantu continued to consult and guide me to understand and recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and when and If it was safe to return to the field.  Unfortunately, I had to make the decision to retire early from my playing career due to concussions that had increased in frequency and from lesser impacts.  Dr Cantu clearly explained the potential long term consequences that could result from this type of repeated head trauma.  The decision to end my career was extremely difficult, and it was because of Dr.Cantu’s advice that I was able listen to my body and make an informed decision on what was best for my health. I believe I safely ended my career before any additional head trauma could have negatively altered the rest of my life.  Dr Cantu has a passion for understanding concussions and is one of the most well-regarded doctors in his field.”

Mike Battista, retired Boston Cannons Lacrosse Co-Captain

“Dr. Cantu was incredibly helpful to me when i was recovering from my concussions.  I would strongly recommend him to anybody struggling to recover from post-concussion symptoms.”

Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins Centre

“Dr. Cantu has proven to be an indispensable resource for our clients suffering from concussions, helping them navigate through the uncertainties that are often a part of the recovery from head a injury. He is diligent in protecting the athlete’s safety, helps establish the parameters for a return to action and ultimately provides the athlete with the peace of mind that they are in the best hands. I would strongly recommend that any pro athlete struggling to recover from a concussion consult with Dr. Cantu.”

Kent Hughes, Co-Managing Partner MFIVE Sports Agency

“I wish I found Dr. Cantu sooner after my last concussion with WWE back in 2003. Not only do I consider him the best concussion doctor in the world, he took the time to teach me about my post-concussion syndrome and empowered me to make informed choices about my future. The future I chose was to help get his message out to the sports world.”

Chris Nowinski, former WWE Wrestler